Holiday Cash Giveaway


Yes, it’s AUD $250. So AUD $50 off that is a 25% discount. Hell, yeah!

You enter your voucher code at checkout - just before payment.

Yes, the AUD $50 will simply be deducted from the total price booked, regardless of how many passengers you book.

You have until the 16th of July 2021 to book a deal with your voucher, then your voucher will expire.

No - there are no restrictions on travel dates, as long as you book and pay by July 16th 2021.

Absolutely, you can choose from any of our tours, activities and experiences.

Yes, you can send an email to our support team and let them know and they will issue you a new voucher to use for your next booking.

Your refund will only include the amount you paid at the time of booking - not inclusive of the voucher. For example, if the tour cost is $250 and you paid $200 after applying the voucher, your refund will be $200.